NVMO Congress – Inter-professional collaboration in healthcare

Updated: 2 April, 2024


The NVMO conference took place on the 11th and 12th of May. Four members of the Codific team attended the event in Maastricht, CEO – Aram, Co-Founder and CGO – Dag, and Growth Strategists Michaella and Nicolas.

The conference brought together educators, medical professionals, and experts in the field to explore inter-professional collaboration in healthcare. With more than 1100 attendees and three main speakers, the conference focused on ‘Learning together, working together’, from different perspectives. NVMO 2023 was a resounding success, highlighting the paramount importance of advancing medical education for the better of both students and the healthcare industry.

Our team was thrilled to attend the conference and showcase our cutting-edge products, Videolab and Attendance Radar, and some other fun activities organised by the event. We were able to connect with numerous Videolab users such as ErasmusMC, UMCG, RadboudUMC Health Academy, Maastricht University and more. We were very delighted to witness the positive impact our solutions have had on medical universities. 


How does Videolab provide value to these universities? 


Secure Sharing in Health Education

Videolab is an innovative video-based feedback platform, revolutionising the learning experience by enabling students to share consultations with professors or peers, facilitating valuable feedback and self-reflection.

It is especially valuable for communication and soft skills training and has been proved to improve students confidence when dealing with patients (source).

Through safe sharing, Videolab has helped universities solve many issues around patient privacy and data sharing. Enabling both patients and students to get the best out of healthcare.




The conference provided a unique space for attendees to exchange ideas, share best practices, and engage in fruitful discussions on various aspects of medical education. It served as a vibrant hub of collaboration, where educators and professionals came together to explore new methodologies, technologies, and strategies to foster effective learning environments.

Throughout the conference, the importance of enhancing medical education resonated deeply. As the world continues to evolve rapidly, so do the demands placed on healthcare professionals. Continually advancing the methods through which inter-professional collaboration in healthcare is delivered is crucial to ensure healthcare professionals are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. This conference emphasised the significance of promoting interactive learning, encouraging collaboration, and leveraging innovative technologies to shape the next generation of healthcare professionals.

The presentations and workshops delivered by respected speakers Jet Bussemaker, Paul Van Royen, and Marieke Schuurmans  shed light on emerging trends and breakthroughs in medical education. The conference fostered valuable networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded individuals. Creating a supportive community committed to driving positive change in medical education. The power of collaboration was evident as participants shared their experiences, inspiring one another and collectively striving for excellence.


We’ll be back…

We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in the NVMO conference and engage with the healthcare community. We will continue to aim to empower educators and students alike, creating a dynamic learning environment that prepares future healthcare professionals for success.

The NVMO congress was a powerful reminder that together, we can improve inter-professional collaboration in healthcare, and in doing so, enhance the quality of care provided to patients worldwide. Codific looks forward to future collaborations, conferences, and opportunities to contribute to this critical mission. 

Inter-professional collaboration in healthcare