CloudControl is a software solution that integrates your recording hardware into the Videolab cloud. The software can control all cameras and users at a given location, even in complex multiple room skillslab setups.


Make things easy and future-proof

The CloudControl software makes your hardware smart, powerful, and versatile. Powerful control panels are always within reach of the accredited user. Over-the-air updates provide safety and a pipeline of new features based on your needs.

Leverage security practices

CloudControl leverages your existing IT infrastructure and builds on top of the security best practices at your institution. It does not require any software installations as it uses a web browser client, making the solution even safer.

Easy integration with IP Cameras

The system can integrate with any IP camera and capture several consultations at once, or the same consultation from different angles. Local buffering ensures that the solution remains robust, even in the presence of unstable connections to the cloud.

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Easy to use backend

The solution comes with a simple and easy to use backend that can be comfortably managed by an administrator in your organization. The dashboard presents an overview of all the recording equipment across different rooms. 

Live Feeds

CloudControl also works with live feeds. The device can obtain the feeds from multiple cameras, controlling who can watch them. This is very useful for practical evaluations that test medical trainees' clinical or communicational skills.


Connects with Videolab

CloudControl’s biggest strength is its connection with Videolab, which allows you to:

  • Schedule the automatic ownership of videos in Videolab. 
  • Provide onsite and online feedback.
  • Integrate your structured evaluation forms onto Videolab and/or your learning management system.
  • Rewatch videos locally or remotely with full consideration for patient and trainee privacy. 
  • Allow multiple experts to give feedback asynchronously.

Eliminate expensive old school devices

Why purchase expensive recorders or debriefing stations? Become nimble and always up to date by moving the control onto the cloud with CloudControl.

Cloud Control

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