AMEE conference 2023

Updated: 4 January, 2024

Videolab at AMEE conference 2023!

The AMEE conference this year, held from the 26th to the 30th of August in the vibrant city of Glasgow, UK, was a truly amazing experience for our Codific team.

This year being our first year attending, with over 4,500 participants from 110 countries, everyone came seeking insights and collaboration in the healthcare community.

The theme, ‘Inclusive Learning Environments to Transform the Future’ set the environment up for thought-provoking discussions and ultimately paving the way for a more inclusive and impactful future in healthcare.

It was an invaluable experience meeting hundreds of like-minded professionals and educators from across the globe, who all share a mission to innovate healthcare practices in MedTech.

AMEE conference


Videolab’s remarkable reception

One of the highlights of our presence at the conference was the overwhelming positive response to Videolab, our secure video recording platform with integral reflection and feedback methodologies.

We were thrilled to learn that 91.7% of the educational leaders we interviewed at the AMEE conference saw a use case for Videolab at their organisation. It was recognised as a powerful tool in the training of clinical and communication skills.  


How does Videolab help the MedTech environment?

VideoLab - powerful and innovative solution that develops clinical communication skills in healthcare providers and improves the learning curve, Radboudumc

Videolab is an innovative video-driven feedback platform that helps transform the educational landscape by empowering students to share consultations with professors or peers, fostering essential feedback and self-reflection.

Videolab is especially used in medical schools and training hospitals in The Netherlands and Belgium, some of our many use cases include:

By providing a secure environment for sharing, Videolab has effectively addressed numerous challenges related to patient privacy and data sharing within universities. This enables both patients and students to maximise their healthcare experiences.


AMEE conference



A huge thanks goes to the event organisers of the AMEE conference and to the attendees who visited our stand! See you next year in Basel, Switzerland!

Check out our AMEE after-movie linked here to take a look at all the fun things we got up to in Glasgow!